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Crafting vibrant communities and igniting brand growth with strategic marketing finesse.

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Hello! I'm Kris, a big believer in the power of community to transform brands and bring people together in meaningful ways. My journey into the world of community building began not in a boardroom, but amidst the vibrant interactions of small-scale forums and local meetups. It was there, in the grassroots initiatives, that I discovered my passion for connecting people, not just online, but in the shared experiences that shape our lives. One of my proudest milestones came recently with the launch of "The Nest" for Goosechase Adventures—a platform where I translated user enthusiasm into a thriving online community. This wasn't just about numbers; it was about creating a space where every member felt valued and heard. The success of The Nest, marked by a staggering engagement rate in its initial weeks, was a testament to what we can achieve when we put the community at the heart of our strategy. My curiosity and love for learning have always pushed me to explore beyond the conventional. Recently, I've delved into the world of data analytics to understand community behaviors better. This new skill has not only enriched my strategy toolkit but also enabled me to forecast trends and tailor engagements that resonate on a deeper level. What excites me most is the opportunity to build bridges—between brands and their audiences, between products and their users. My approach is unique because I don't just look at community building as a part of the marketing mix; I see it as the soul of brand identity. It's where the magic happens, where brands become a living, breathing part of people's lives. Beyond the metrics and KPIs, my strength lies in my ability to listen, adapt, and innovate. Where others might see challenges, I see opportunities to strengthen connections and foster loyalty. My toolkit is diverse, from content creation that sparks conversations to event strategies that bring people together, all grounded in a profound understanding of what makes communities tick. In a world where digital spaces are more crowded than ever, my unique blend of creative vision, strategic thinking, and genuine passion for community engagement stands out. I don't just build communities; I cultivate environments where every member can thrive and contribute to collective growth. Let's connect and explore how we can create something extraordinary together, building communities that not only grow but flourish.

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Community Specialist, Consultant, Strategist, TEDx Speaker

Biggest accomplishments to date include giving thousands of third culture kids a wifi-home and a sense of belonging through my on & offline brand TCKGlobal. In 2018, I gave a TEDx talk on the growth of my online community of third culture kids around the world. And, as the first hire at Levellr (a fast growing startup which empowers music industry stakeholders to cultivate Discord & Telegram communities, harness valuable first-party data, and generate additional income streams) I enabled them to build innovative and scalable community-tech-specific products and services shown through direct impact in revenue by growing +37% in one quarter and over 2.5x vs EOY 2022. In 10 months I managed team growth of 400%. Notable clients include Sony, Universal, Warner, and renowned artists like Fall Out Boy, Steve Aoki, Gorillaz, Katy Perry, and Niall Horan, along with brand giants such as Starbucks. At Levellr I led teams that delivered" Community Building Software and Services Product and New Metrics Development Moderation Program & Moderation Training Development and Management Digital Services Management Community Education Products and Services Community Content Production Started community building at the age of 16. Spent 8 years in early-stage tech start-ups independently and in teams within different areas across the marketing mix. Loves all things community & communications, marketing, and people management. Enjoy forming deep and meaningful relationships B2C, B2B, B2B2C. Dedicated my 20's learning diverse marketing skills and becoming an expert in community. Now, in my 30s, seeking a stable, long-term community-focused role. Whether you want to get started on building a new community from scratch, or need hands on or community consulting help turning an existing unhealthy community to a healthy sustainable one - I'm your gal! Notable recommendations - available upon request.

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I am a multi-faceted, wildly creative, neurodivergent, out of the box world change maker and I was born ready to challenge the status quo through creativity, and innovation!

Hello there, it's Elana, or as I like to go by, tikkunelana! My journey began in the vibrant tapestry of the nonprofit sector, where I've proudly worn the hats of a MACRO Social Worker, Jewish Artist, and Entrepreneur. My compass through this adventure has been none other than Tikkun Olam—a Hebrew phrase that resonates deeply with me, embodying the spirit of repairing and healing the world. In my decade-long foray into the nonprofit realm, I've become a hybrid misfit, navigating both Jewish and secular landscapes. My mission is rooted in challenging norms, breaking down entrenched systems, and then rebuilding them into something even more extraordinary. I thrive on infusing innovation and creativity into every facet of life, turning deconstruction into a powerful tool for transformation. The pandemic marked a pivotal moment for me, igniting a fire within my soul, rekindling my artistic fervor, and leading me back to my true CALLING. I firmly believe that by intertwining our heritage with creativity and spirituality, we can forge a path towards a more just world through the transformative lens of "tikkun olam." I am more than just a professional— I am a catalyst for change, a thought leader who embraces challenges and turns them into opportunities. My journey has equipped me with unique skills, allowing me to see beyond the ordinary and contribute where others may fall short. Let's embark on this journey together— where my passion for Tikkun Olam meets my prowess as a Hybrid Misfit, and together, we create meaningful change in the world. Cheers to embracing the extraordinary! Elana (tikkunelana)

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Fractional Consultant (Senior Community/Ops/Marketing/Product) | 10+ Years XP

Hi there, I'm George Siosi Samuels. I'm a fractional consultant, emerging technology (blockchain/AI) advocate, and 3x founder. I leverage my Polynesian heritage and 10+ years experience in building communities and businesses to help organizations navigate the digital realm, improve their internal culture, and embrace emerging technologies. I'm also on a personal journey to explore ancient cultures, creating content that connects the past, present, and future. You might have seen my work with the Tuvalu government on the National Digital Ledger blockchain project, or my involvement in getting Slack their first APAC enterprise customer. As the Head of Community at the Bitcoin Association, I worked towards fostering a global community team dedicated to driving the adoption and development of the original Bitcoin protocol. Through my company Faiā, a consultancy founded in 2018, I provide innovative solutions for community-building and seamless integration of cutting-edge tools such as Notion and Slack. My innate ability to anticipate future trends and nurture growth has led me to excel in creating meaningful connections and empowering others. I am committed to continuous learning and personal development, ensuring that I stay at the forefront of my field and provide exceptional value to my clients and community members. Let's connect if you're looking to build a vibrant community, integrate emerging technologies, or collaborate on projects that drive social, economic, and technological progress!

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