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I'm an in-house attorney by trade that pivoted to the business side within legal tech, specifically community.

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Past Experience:

▪ Designed and led all startup B2B community initiatives, such as membership acquisition, engagement, events, webinars, content, budget
▪ Built cross-departmental frameworks and processes from ideation to execution, including playbooks and engagement/retention strategies
▪ Formulated customer journey processes and cross-marketing programs for GTM strategy fostering revenue growth and product updates
▪ Spearheaded meetings with C-Suite and Sales to analyze and measure KPIs (i.e.: pipeline, ROI, membership acquisition, loyalty,
engagement, activity), driving data-driven decisions for bi-weekly programming and partnerships with Fortune500 and $100M+ logos
▪ Identified process improvements, optimizing operational efficiency for a streamlined workflow, increased efficiency, and reduced costs
▪ Achieved a remarkable >25% increase in closed won business, 20X membership acquisition, and 4X revenue growth for Series A startup