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Community Manager and Nurturer

I am Rosanna Lopes, a dedicated community co-creator and nurturer with a rich background in affiliate marketing and a deep passion for building meaningful connections. My journey into community work began with my extensive experience as an Affiliate Marketing Manager, a role that honed my skills in relationship and partnership-based marketing. This experience taught me the importance of building lasting relationships and creating win-win opportunities, a skill I now bring to community co-creation and nurturing. One of my most significant milestones was co-founding and growing the Lisbon Digital Nomads meetup group, which attracted over 20,000 members on Meetup.com and hosted weekly events with over 200 attendees during the summer. This endeavor not only solidified my understanding of community dynamics but also fueled my passion for creating spaces where people can connect and thrive. I am passionate about intentional communities and have visited several, including Tamera in Portugal, where I completed their month-long Community Course, Piracanga in Brazil, and various communities in Mexico. These experiences have deepened my understanding of living in harmony with nature and each other, and they continually inspire my work. I've extensively trained myself on the topics of relating and community, and I've completed courses such as "Working with Conflict in Community" "Systems change" "Community building" etc. These courses have equipped me with tools that are essential for nurturing resilient and cohesive communities. I was born into two cultures, Dutch and Portuguese. I've lived for 4 years in Barcelona, 4 in London, and have been nomadicly for nearly a decade. I have a keen interest in cultures and sub-cultures and am very curious to our different views on what "Normal" means. I believe this helps me in the way that I work and approach people. My unique skills include creating and nurturing opportunities, event planning, promoting initiatives, and partnership marketing and I have a keen sensitivity to group dynamics, allowing me to adjust and respond effectively. I excel at bringing people together, online and offline, and fostering a sense of belonging. I can help where others might struggle by leveraging my diverse background to bridge gaps between individuals and groups, facilitating clear communication, and nurturing a supportive environment. I am committed to helping businesses and organizations create thriving, inclusive communities where everyone feels valued and connected. Let's work together to build communities that are not only successful but also deeply fulfilling and transformative for all involved.

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Community Specialist, Consultant, Strategist, TEDx Speaker

Biggest accomplishments to date include giving thousands of third culture kids a wifi-home and a sense of belonging through my on & offline brand TCKGlobal. In 2018, I gave a TEDx talk on the growth of my online community of third culture kids around the world. And, as the first hire at Levellr (a fast growing startup which empowers music industry stakeholders to cultivate Discord & Telegram communities, harness valuable first-party data, and generate additional income streams) I enabled them to build innovative and scalable community-tech-specific products and services shown through direct impact in revenue by growing +37% in one quarter and over 2.5x vs EOY 2022. In 10 months I managed team growth of 400%. Notable clients include Sony, Universal, Warner, and renowned artists like Fall Out Boy, Steve Aoki, Gorillaz, Katy Perry, and Niall Horan, along with brand giants such as Starbucks. At Levellr I led teams that delivered" Community Building Software and Services Product and New Metrics Development Moderation Program & Moderation Training Development and Management Digital Services Management Community Education Products and Services Community Content Production Started community building at the age of 16. Spent 8 years in early-stage tech start-ups independently and in teams within different areas across the marketing mix. Loves all things community & communications, marketing, and people management. Enjoy forming deep and meaningful relationships B2C, B2B, B2B2C. Dedicated my 20's learning diverse marketing skills and becoming an expert in community. Now, in my 30s, seeking a stable, long-term community-focused role. Whether you want to get started on building a new community from scratch, or need hands on or community consulting help turning an existing unhealthy community to a healthy sustainable one - I'm your gal! Notable recommendations - available upon request.

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A builder of dynamic communities focused on fun, trust, and transparency

For the past 8 years, I've built and managed communities across multiple platforms and dozens of IPs with one north star: Community should be fun. From leading subreddits for Destiny, ARK, Fallout, Starfield, and DMZ to working with volunteer teams on wikis for Warcraft, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and hundreds move, my genre experience is extensive and my ability to wear multiple hats is unmatched. I most recently launched and managed community for Shankstars with Topgolf, my first shipped game as a member of a development team. Owning all aspects of community from pre-launch was an incredible blank canvas to worth with and applying my previous experience in systems analysis & design to feature development and production was a wonderful blend of my careers. One of my proudest achievements thus far has to be developing and launching the Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy at Fandom. When I joined Fandom through the acquisition of Curse Media and Gamepedia, the platform had a pretty simple policy for how wiki admins could run their communities: wiki admins can block you for any reason or no reason at all, without fair recourse. I identified this platform-wide policy as a poor experience for users and communities overall, so I sought to change it. After developing an imminently fair replacement that simply stated wikis need clearly-stated rules and admins should block according to those rules, I got executive buy-in on the monumental change and launched it to the community. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Admins finally had guidance on running healthy wiki communities, users had clearly-set expectations for their behavior, and complaints to customer support about admins PLUMMETED. Fandom has much healthier communities today as a result of my policy and I am incredibly proud of that legacy 2.5 years later. Communities should fun. Communities should be built on trust. Communities deserve transparency. That's what I believe and how I manage communities at scale, whether it's a 14 thousand user subreddit about Starfield lore or a 400 million user platform of individual wikis.

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A self-starter who loves humanizing an organization's values with the concept of community.

I am Pragathi Bansal and I love chaos. Over the last four years, I have worked with various startups and I have developed the skill of being agile to build powerful brands. I am on a mission to make the world less isolated, one community at a time. While I hold a masters degree in Biotechnology, I have always had a knack for marketing. I have experimented with multiple things including Graphic Designing(I still am), Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Business Development & Sales, Operations, Client Relationship Manager, while trying to figure out a career for myself. On the go, I loved picking up all these skills. I wanted to be sure that when I wake up, I am working towards something I love. So, when the role of a Community Manager came along, I didn't have to look further. I started working with Darwinbox(a HR Tech SaaS product) as their community manager. Built Changemakers Community from 0-1.Successfully launched and managed the community platform from inception, overseeing the onboarding of clients and internal employees. I onboarded 1000+ members within the first 7 months and curated events which led to upselling. We showed 30% deflection in customer support queries with the launch of community in the first 6 months. Got promoted within the first 10 months basis my performance and I am continuing to build their community for them. I love learning new things. My current passion project is to learn DaVinci Resolve. What sets me apart is that I believe in empathetic leadership and growing together. I am driven by the understanding that every challenge has a human element, and by addressing this, we can find meaningful solutions. Here's to embracing chaos, continuous learning, and crafting a journey where every day contributes to a purposeful and fulfilling career.

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