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I'm like Gandalf for testing, no bugs shall pass!

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I’m a software test consultant with over 13 years’ experience at all levels from management to QA. Having worked across multiple sectors and industries, including Government, charity, private, e-commerce sector and more. The experience gained has enabled me to work with amazing companies to deliver fantastic software solutions, develop, mentor and build great testing teams along with redesigning of delivery processes and more. This coupled with my ability to hit the ground running in many environments and coupled with the skills that I offer mean I help your company achieve its objectives, releasing the best quality product for the timescales available, whilst delivering process efficiency savings where possible. I have used a multitude of different software methodologies, including Agile, Waterfall, TDD, BDD, etc.

I enjoy working in a team but can run independently when required. I love challenges and increasing my skills. I thrive on seeing individuals and organizations succeed through successful training, mentoring, implementation and delivery of testing.

I help stressed out businesses build and implement bespoke, cost-effective software product testing solutions, so they can implement a testing function that lasts a lifetime, save money and focus on customer growth.