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I'm an experienced content marketer and copywriter with a decade in various roles, including in-house, agency, and consulting, primarily in consumer/B2B tech.

My infatuation with communities started back in late 2020 when I was a fractional content lead at House of Wise (an affiliate-led DTC brand). I helped amplify the stories of members through written content, a newsletter, and a Clubhouse audio series interviewing high-achieving women and founders throughout the following year. I continued to build a strong network and made connections during my consulting years as DTC Mom.

After encouragement from a few former clients turned friends, I founded a women's e-commerce Slack community with 70 members (and counting!). I currently lead marketing and partnerships for an e-commerce SaaS company but looking to be in a full-time community role.

I'm a lifelong super-connector, writer, storyteller, and Enneagram nerd with an infectious personality. I keep the #random channel lively but stay organized, championing those working with me.