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Community Leader & Architect —Leveraging My Creative Background into Strategic Partnerships & Growth

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With over a decade of connecting people with innovative ideas, I’ve founded and directed multiple non-profit and for-profit ventures. I’ve translated my creative background into collaborations that generate engagement and inspire new ideas.

My background includes overseeing 250+ volunteers, successfully delivering complex projects, and fundraising in short timeframes. I continuously seek ways to inspire partnerships and build foundations for community engagement. My collaborative community projects have been exhibited worldwide and, most recently, seen at the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery and OMCA.

My projects and communities have been covered in:
The New York Times, Colbert Report, Wired Magazine, Boing Boing, Make Magazine, Fast Company.

I have spoken at:
SXSW, TED, TEDx, CMX, Exploratorium, San Francisco Art Institute, American Association of Museums Conference.

My specialties include:
Community Architecture, Project management, Design Thinking, Maker culture, Development and management of large-scale installations, Solution-based design, Digital & social media production, Project-based curriculum design, Research, Event Planning, Large-scale collaboration, Documentary photography: film & digital.