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Hard-wired and highly motivated to learn, share, coach, and serve.

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40 years of community experience dating back to Communities of Practice (CoP) participation at IBM when online community meant a command line interface to a mainframe computer. Insistently drawn to community participation and/or management in every professional role since.

Former Enterprise Knowledge Manager as a Senior Manager with a CoP support role at a large professional services firm, and as a Director with a five-person CoP enablement team at a US$1 billion software company.

Certified Meta (Facebook) Community Manager.

Certified Life Coach from nine-month training looking forward to bringing coaching skills to community support.

Most recently, one of the most prolific private community participants in coach training school, and retail sales environment.

Active on social media; primarily, X (Twitter), Instagram, and LinkedIn. Blogging on Medium and my personal coaching business website.

Seeking to continue to grow and evolve a full-time (and more) portfolio encore career using my signature strengths and doing what I most love.