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WordPress and Tech Centric Community Builder and Director

As a seasoned community leader with a rich tapestry of experiences, I bring a unique blend of passion, expertise, and innovation to every endeavor. My journey began over eight years ago within the vibrant ecosystem of WordPress, where I immersed myself in the community, eagerly contributing and connecting with fellow enthusiasts. Through dedication and collaboration, I quickly rose to the role of a trusted community leader, where I fostered engagement, facilitated learning, and championed inclusivity. During my tenure at GoDaddy, spanning four impactful years, I honed my skills as a community builder and creator, leveraging technology and human connection to cultivate thriving online spaces. Whether crafting engaging content, hosting interactive events, or spearheading initiatives to empower users, I consistently sought innovative ways to elevate the community experience. One of my proudest accomplishments includes my role as a lead contributor for WordCamp US, where I played a pivotal role in shaping the largest annual gathering of WordPress enthusiasts. Through strategic planning, meticulous organization, and unwavering dedication, I helped create an environment where thousands of attendees could learn, network, and be inspired. Fueling my passion is an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and I am constantly seeking opportunities to expand my skill set and stay at the forefront of industry trends. Whether mastering new technologies, exploring emerging platforms, or delving into the intricacies of community dynamics, I thrive on the challenges of continuous growth and evolution. What sets me apart is not just my extensive experience or technical prowess, but my innate ability to empathize, connect, and inspire. I understand that communities are built on trust, authenticity, and meaningful interactions, and I am committed to fostering environments where every voice is heard and valued. With my diverse background, unwavering dedication, and proven track record of success, I am confident in my ability to make a significant impact wherever I go. Whether it's nurturing existing communities, cultivating new ones, or pushing the boundaries of what's possible, I am poised to deliver results that exceed expectations and drive meaningful change.

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I am an award-winning Community Builder and Strategist based in Dallas, Texas, USA. With more than 10 years of experience in the Community Industry, my specializations include designing and implementing community strategies, facilitating engaging community programming, and communicating the unique value proposition communities can bring to organizations.

I'm a passionate community builder who believes in the power of connection, shared experiences, and growth. My journey in community-building started when I returned to the US after an adventurous stint in South America, deeply inspired by my exploration and learning. I realized that the stories of my travels were best understood by fellow adventurers, sparking my mission to create travel communities. I co-built and scaled the DFW Chapter of CouchSurfing, where over 80 enthusiasts gathered weekly to share their wanderlust. In 2013, I joined an online community of solo female travelers, helping it grow to over 400,000 women by 2019. My background in education and passion for community-building converged with a focus on relationships and conflict resolution. I enthusiastically grab onto opportunities that allow me to build communities, strategize about the way forward, geek out about conflict resolution and psychology concepts, and empathize and rally around the heroic efforts our teachers bring to their classrooms, schools, and districts every day. The tie that binds these qualities together can be summed up in one word; relationships. My academic background in Political Science and International Relations (BA) and International Conflict Resolution (MA) fuels my curiosity and global perspective. I'm an adventurer at heart, a hobby photographer, and an advocate for cultural competency, diversity, and inclusion. Now, as a Community Strategist, I've leveraged data, technology, and innovation to earn the Community Industry Award for Best Growth Marketing Community in 2023. Check out my digital portfolio at: https://elizabethzwerg.com/digital-portfolio

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Crafting vibrant communities and igniting brand growth with strategic marketing finesse.

Hello! I'm Kris, a big believer in the power of community to transform brands and bring people together in meaningful ways. My journey into the world of community building began not in a boardroom, but amidst the vibrant interactions of small-scale forums and local meetups. It was there, in the grassroots initiatives, that I discovered my passion for connecting people, not just online, but in the shared experiences that shape our lives. One of my proudest milestones came recently with the launch of "The Nest" for Goosechase Adventures—a platform where I translated user enthusiasm into a thriving online community. This wasn't just about numbers; it was about creating a space where every member felt valued and heard. The success of The Nest, marked by a staggering engagement rate in its initial weeks, was a testament to what we can achieve when we put the community at the heart of our strategy. My curiosity and love for learning have always pushed me to explore beyond the conventional. Recently, I've delved into the world of data analytics to understand community behaviors better. This new skill has not only enriched my strategy toolkit but also enabled me to forecast trends and tailor engagements that resonate on a deeper level. What excites me most is the opportunity to build bridges—between brands and their audiences, between products and their users. My approach is unique because I don't just look at community building as a part of the marketing mix; I see it as the soul of brand identity. It's where the magic happens, where brands become a living, breathing part of people's lives. Beyond the metrics and KPIs, my strength lies in my ability to listen, adapt, and innovate. Where others might see challenges, I see opportunities to strengthen connections and foster loyalty. My toolkit is diverse, from content creation that sparks conversations to event strategies that bring people together, all grounded in a profound understanding of what makes communities tick. In a world where digital spaces are more crowded than ever, my unique blend of creative vision, strategic thinking, and genuine passion for community engagement stands out. I don't just build communities; I cultivate environments where every member can thrive and contribute to collective growth. Let's connect and explore how we can create something extraordinary together, building communities that not only grow but flourish.

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A builder of dynamic communities focused on fun, trust, and transparency

For the past 8 years, I've built and managed communities across multiple platforms and dozens of IPs with one north star: Community should be fun. From leading subreddits for Destiny, ARK, Fallout, Starfield, and DMZ to working with volunteer teams on wikis for Warcraft, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and hundreds move, my genre experience is extensive and my ability to wear multiple hats is unmatched. I most recently launched and managed community for Shankstars with Topgolf, my first shipped game as a member of a development team. Owning all aspects of community from pre-launch was an incredible blank canvas to worth with and applying my previous experience in systems analysis & design to feature development and production was a wonderful blend of my careers. One of my proudest achievements thus far has to be developing and launching the Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy at Fandom. When I joined Fandom through the acquisition of Curse Media and Gamepedia, the platform had a pretty simple policy for how wiki admins could run their communities: wiki admins can block you for any reason or no reason at all, without fair recourse. I identified this platform-wide policy as a poor experience for users and communities overall, so I sought to change it. After developing an imminently fair replacement that simply stated wikis need clearly-stated rules and admins should block according to those rules, I got executive buy-in on the monumental change and launched it to the community. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Admins finally had guidance on running healthy wiki communities, users had clearly-set expectations for their behavior, and complaints to customer support about admins PLUMMETED. Fandom has much healthier communities today as a result of my policy and I am incredibly proud of that legacy 2.5 years later. Communities should fun. Communities should be built on trust. Communities deserve transparency. That's what I believe and how I manage communities at scale, whether it's a 14 thousand user subreddit about Starfield lore or a 400 million user platform of individual wikis.

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