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As a transplant to a small town/city, I go gingerly into the day and night with wonderous tales of remote work and continued education. Presently, few listen to my tales as they speak of the turmoil in the United States. So, I study and study and explore the online space for all things remote.

I am a university graduate who created a major that did not exist at the time. I enjoy working remotely, learning online in a remote capacity and collecting massive collections of digital art images from my favorite painter, Monika Luniak. I am very passionate about introducing fellow community members and online communities to other opportunities to expand their job searches and their brains. I frequently cycle through various companies that focus on tasking, annotation, translation and map accuracy projects. I find the testing and option to explore new skill sets to be very exciting! Presently, I am adding to my Data Annotator skills with additional tasking for chat bot training as well as continued QA on LLM outputs. I am also pairing studying AI and Large Language Models through both Google and Coursera. I take courses online through AWS Skill Builder, Coursera and recently- through an online access to Skillsoft through a company that I contracted with, RWS Group. This is an excellent use of my time as I continue to expand my CV and my brain powers. In my free time, I love to watch fanastic film and television (frequently from countries outside of my own), as well as battle my way to the top on the Scrabble App and Neuro Nation. I pivot as quickly as possible during any turbulent life times. I have found this to be a personal skill that keeps me very grounded and with more peace in my heart.

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Your product is never complete without a vibrant community rallying round it. I'll help you create an idiot-proof community experience that'll turn visiting members to active gatekeepers of your product. I'm ready if you are!

I have been involved with customer success roles over the last decade before I even knew they were a core profession. I've helped diverse companies and individuals across sectors such as healthcare, food industry, hospitality, and recently web3 experience a positive reception of their product through my idiot-proof strategy. My aim is to always build WITH and FOR the community by encouraging open conversations, inclusivity and transparency. In my last role, I single-handedly revived a dead community and boosted engagement by 30% within 3 months by leveraging my user research skills, developing a community-member fit and successfully executing a tailored community content and engagement strategies. I did not only revive the community, but also built my team to be more proactive, think independently and work more collaboratively. I have a plethora of sought after skills that aims to enhance your business including business analysis, SEO, email marketing, WordPress management, amongst others. Currently, I'm understudying ways AI can be employed to business and community growth and it's quite and interesting discovery so far! Your business deserves to have a passionate fan base around it because you have worked so hard on this idea. Let me help you undertake the community load while you focus on other development aspects. I'm ready if you are!

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