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I am a multi-faceted, wildly creative, neurodivergent, out of the box world change maker and I was born ready to challenge the status quo through creativity, and innovation!

Hello there, it's Elana, or as I like to go by, tikkunelana! My journey began in the vibrant tapestry of the nonprofit sector, where I've proudly worn the hats of a MACRO Social Worker, Jewish Artist, and Entrepreneur. My compass through this adventure has been none other than Tikkun Olam—a Hebrew phrase that resonates deeply with me, embodying the spirit of repairing and healing the world. In my decade-long foray into the nonprofit realm, I've become a hybrid misfit, navigating both Jewish and secular landscapes. My mission is rooted in challenging norms, breaking down entrenched systems, and then rebuilding them into something even more extraordinary. I thrive on infusing innovation and creativity into every facet of life, turning deconstruction into a powerful tool for transformation. The pandemic marked a pivotal moment for me, igniting a fire within my soul, rekindling my artistic fervor, and leading me back to my true CALLING. I firmly believe that by intertwining our heritage with creativity and spirituality, we can forge a path towards a more just world through the transformative lens of "tikkun olam." I am more than just a professional— I am a catalyst for change, a thought leader who embraces challenges and turns them into opportunities. My journey has equipped me with unique skills, allowing me to see beyond the ordinary and contribute where others may fall short. Let's embark on this journey together— where my passion for Tikkun Olam meets my prowess as a Hybrid Misfit, and together, we create meaningful change in the world. Cheers to embracing the extraordinary! Elana (tikkunelana)

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Passionate community builder, currently dedicated to empowering immigrant women through dynamic networking and resourceful support in Berlin. Founder of International Women in Berlin, advocate for diversity and inclusion.

As the architect behind International Women in Berlin (IWB), my journey has been one of community, empathy, and empowerment. My community origin story is a leap of faith; what started as a modest Facebook group has blossomed into a vital lifeline for over 35,000 immigrant women in Berlin. This vibrant community stands as a beacon of inclusivity, knowledge-sharing, and support. My community-building efforts have been recognized with significant accolades, including the prestigious Smart Hero Award, affirming our commitment to creating a transformative space for women. Furthermore, our selection for the Meta Accelerator program showcases the innovative spirit and potential of IWB to shape the digital community landscape on a global scale. Learning is a continuous journey for me. I recently embraced the power of storytelling and digital content creation, amplifying the voices within our community and beyond. This has not only enriched our collective experience but has also set new benchmarks for engagement and value. I am deeply passionate about making every member's voice heard, crafting content that resonates, and fostering an environment where empowerment is not just a buzzword but a lived reality. My unique ability as a community person lies in this tapestry of skills - from designing impactful narratives to strategic community engagement, all propelled by a passion for collective growth and success. My approach is distinct; I look beyond the surface to understand the core needs of a community. With a creative flair and strategic mindset, I create content and drive initiatives that not only engage but also inspire action and change. It's this combination of skills and my drive to innovate that positions me uniquely in the realm of community building and content creation, ready to bring my unique blend of talents to new horizons and challenges.

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Experienced Community Builder | Brand Marketer | Event Host & Moderator | Team & Program Manager | B2B SaaS Expert

About me: I have over a decade of diverse digital marketing experience, specialized in brand growth, community engagement, strategic relationship management, and program building. With a knack for bringing people together, connecting the dots, moving things forward, and a creative approach, I thrive in a fast-paced, community-focused and people-centric environment. As a leader, I am known for taking initiative and inspiring teams, as well as my cross-functional operational background. After 7 years at Yotpo, a B2B SaaS martech for eCommerce, where I was most recently the Head of Community and Brand Programs, I am looking for an opportunity to apply my background and skills toward a mission and company I believe in. I have effectively managed cross-functional teams, fostering a culture of innovation and achieving impactful outcomes. I am eager to bring my transformative approach to a new mission-driven company and lead the marketing and community growth efforts. I love building and scaling programs, functions, and teams from scratch. At Yotpo, I established the community marketing function and team, launching a customer community that saw 3X QoQ growth and 2.5X monthly recurring members. I also directed their Amazing Women in eCommerce program that not only raised $160K+ for Girls Inc. and drove $10M in revenue, but I scaled it into a standalone brand with a 3.4K member network, 10K+ newsletter subscriber base, dedicated socials and content, as well as bi-month online and offline events.