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Executive Director of Code & Coffee Collective 501c3

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I am a dev, product, and (reluctant) developer marketer leader of 8+ years. Background in bottom-up community-led communities, high-growth organizations, and advocating for developers. Currently driving the organic growth and brand of the Code & Coffee Collective, establishing over 30 unique in-person tech meetup communities that have hosted over 1000 events. Open to work and consulting.

Summarized - career in 3 phases:

  1. Crafting Character and Competitive Greatness in eSports Leadership (2009-2016)
    At age 14, I led diverse teams spanning 20+ groups and over 100 teammates to secure 12 premier league eSports championships. Skills developed in managing competitive teams laid the foundation for future leadership endeavors, resulting in high tactical effectiveness and strategy.

  2. One step for Software Development and one giant leap for Startups (2016-2022)
    As an adult, I dropped out of college in my senior year for a B.S. in Info Systems. Transitioned from collegiate pursuits to a fast, organizationally diverse career in software development, hyper-growing early-stage startups to unicorn status or failure while simultaneously nurturing the DC Code & Coffee community as a side project.

Extensive tech event attendance and research marked this phase, with an average of 3 per week, one every two days. This set the direction for the rest of my professional life.

  1. The one true calling, the Code & Coffee Community Collective (2021-Ongoing) In 2021, I drove from DC to NYC every two weeks to establish the New York Code & Coffee meetup, initially alone and solo. Within two years, I organically attracted over 100+ diverse developer volunteers, shaping the national revitalization of consistent community-orientated in-person coding meetups.

Established the National Code & Coffee Collective in September 2022. Going from 5 to 30 cities across the US in 2023.