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Jessie D'Amato Ford is an influential and accomplished professional with a remarkable track record spanning over 18 years. Her expertise extends across community management, marketing strategy, event orchestration, and content creation.

A distinguished Harvard Business School certified expert in Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing, Jessie's career has been defined by her outstanding abilities in fostering global communities, spearheading groundbreaking brand and marketing campaigns, and flawlessly executing international events.

Currently, as the Director of Community Innovation at HeroX, she leads the charge in driving transformative change and innovation within her domain. In this capacity, Jessie consistently sets new benchmarks for excellence in community management.

In 2021, Jessie embarked on a philanthropic journey of immense impact by establishing The Brackets Club, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing vital support to community freelancers during times of dire need.

Hailing from her home office on the picturesque shoreline of Connecticut, Jessie thrives as a devoted mother to two wonderful children, while simultaneously pursuing a prolific writing career. Her impressive professional accomplishments and the transformative work undertaken at The Brackets Club stand as a testament to her exceptional dedication and unswerving commitment to making a profound difference in the world.