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I am an award-winning Community Builder and Strategist based in Dallas, Texas, USA. With more than 10 years of experience in the Community Industry, my specializations include designing and implementing community strategies, facilitating engaging community programming, and communicating the unique value proposition communities can bring to organizations.

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I'm a passionate community builder who believes in the power of connection, shared experiences, and growth.

My journey in community-building started when I returned to the US after an adventurous stint in South America, deeply inspired by my exploration and learning.

I realized that the stories of my travels were best understood by fellow adventurers, sparking my mission to create travel communities. I co-built and scaled the DFW Chapter of CouchSurfing, where over 80 enthusiasts gathered weekly to share their wanderlust.

In 2013, I joined an online community of solo female travelers, helping it grow to over 400,000 women by 2019. My background in education and passion for community-building converged with a focus on relationships and conflict resolution.

I enthusiastically grab onto opportunities that allow me to build communities, strategize about the way forward, geek out about conflict resolution and psychology concepts, and empathize and rally around the heroic efforts our teachers bring to their classrooms, schools, and districts every day. The tie that binds these qualities together can be summed up in one word; relationships.

My academic background in Political Science and International Relations (BA) and International Conflict Resolution (MA) fuels my curiosity and global perspective.

I'm an adventurer at heart, a hobby photographer, and an advocate for cultural competency, diversity, and inclusion.

Now, as a Community Strategist, I've leveraged data, technology, and innovation to earn the Community Industry Award for Best Growth Marketing Community in 2023.

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