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Fractional Consultant (Senior Community/Ops/Marketing/Product) | 10+ Years XP

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Hi there, I'm George Siosi Samuels. I'm a fractional consultant, emerging technology (blockchain/AI) advocate, and 3x founder.

I leverage my Polynesian heritage and 10+ years experience in building communities and businesses to help organizations navigate the digital realm, improve their internal culture, and embrace emerging technologies.

I'm also on a personal journey to explore ancient cultures, creating content that connects the past, present, and future. You might have seen my work with the Tuvalu government on the National Digital Ledger blockchain project, or my involvement in getting Slack their first APAC enterprise customer.

As the Head of Community at the Bitcoin Association, I worked towards fostering a global community team dedicated to driving the adoption and development of the original Bitcoin protocol. Through my company Faiā, a consultancy founded in 2018, I provide innovative solutions for community-building and seamless integration of cutting-edge tools such as Notion and Slack.

My innate ability to anticipate future trends and nurture growth has led me to excel in creating meaningful connections and empowering others. I am committed to continuous learning and personal development, ensuring that I stay at the forefront of my field and provide exceptional value to my clients and community members.

Let's connect if you're looking to build a vibrant community, integrate emerging technologies, or collaborate on projects that drive social, economic, and technological progress!